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I've got a problem with re-saving html code. Lets create html file:

 Column@{"Plot", Plot[Sin@x, {x, 0, Pi}, ImageSize -> 200]}

Now, I want to import this file, for example to change some links inside. How to re-export this modyfied code into html in the simplest way? My way is a walkaround but it works:

Export["test.txt", Import["test.html", "Source"]]
(*lets skip modification part*)
RenameFile["test.txt", "test.html"]

I do not know html almost at all so I will be grateful for some help.

This question is related to "How to save a web page..." wich is also worth looking at.

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How about something like this:

h  = Import["/tmp/htmlsource.html", "Text"];

   a : "<a href=\"" ~~ href : Shortest[__] ~~ z : "\"" :> 
   StringJoin[a, ToUpperCase[href], z]], "Text"]

This StringReplace expression changes all links inside <a href tags to upper-case, thus rendering the page completely useless... :).

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Thanks, good to know. This is more elegant and faster. I'll accept this if there isn't any answer of form Export["file.html", %, "SuperOption"] :) this evening. – Kuba Jun 4 '13 at 12:24

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