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I would like to have

a[i_, j_] := Piecewise[{{HoldForm[A], i == j && i < 2}, 
         {HoldForm[A], i == j - 1}, {-HoldForm[A], 
     i == j && i >= 2}, 
         {0, True}}]; 
W = Array[a, {2, 2}]
a[i_, j_] := Piecewise[{{HoldForm[Msub], i == j}, {0, True}}]; 
M = ArrayFlatten[Array[a, {2, 2}]]
TransP[M_] := Map[Transpose[#1] /. Transpose[0] -> 0 & , Transpose[M], 
G = MatrixForm[ArrayFlatten[{{M, W}, {TransP[W], 0}}]]

such that the Transpose[A] is printed in "Pretty" with a T in superscript in the output? How can I achieve this?

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Use TraditionalForm for pretty printing:


enter image description here

In Details section of documentation on Transpose you can find:

enter image description here

and this actually is computable.

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Is there away to USE StandartForm? Somehow? – Gabriel May 30 '13 at 19:12
If you want a traditional transpose symbol, using StandardForm seems pointless, and this answer is the only one that makes sense to me. – Jens May 31 '13 at 16:58

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