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I am trying to read the output of this code that has crosses, circles and spaces. For some reason, the output is in very-very small alphabets so I would like to get it in ASCII and/or in larger alphabets to be more easily readable.

enter image description here


  1. how can I get Mathematica output in ASCII let say with the earlier style table having only crosses, circles and spaces?

  2. is there some setting to control the output formatting to specify the size of writing such as the crosses, circles and errs? Are there environment variables to adjust the size of the writing?

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Apparently ImageCompose isn't working the same way across the versions, with regard to scaling. You could try either Style[f2@#, Red, 80] by itself or changing the final line to:

Map[Show[Rasterize@#, Graphics@Text[Style[f2@#, Red, 80], {59, 59}]] &, 
  grid, {2}] // GraphicsGrid
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Worked fine with 40 instead of 80 +1, now I want to turn it into text file so I could read the output in my favourite editor ...this is under investigation: img = Import[""]; grid = ImagePartition[ ImageCrop[ImageRotate[img, 0.7 \[Degree]], {1180, 720}, {-0.15, 0.2}], {118, 119}]; Table[similarity[i, {{x, o, empty}, {"x", "o", " "}}], {i, grid}],…, a mistake with traversing. – hhh May 16 '13 at 1:38

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