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This is a question about manipulating sound (wav files).

The goal is to produce something that sounds like a number station broadcast, see e.g., 4:00 in

It is easy to generate a random string of numbers, and send it to the linux program espeak (with -v de for German and -w out.wav for saving the sound as a wav file.)

Now, the resulting voice is too clean to sound like a radio recording, so the challenge is to distort the sound a bit and make it sound more like a strange radio recording. Adding a little echo and some white noise maybe?

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Is this a Mathematica-related question? If so, please add information on what you already tried and working code. – Yves Klett May 8 '13 at 11:28
I can't imagine you'll get any spies to pay attention to you if you use random numbers... – Oleksandr R. May 8 '13 at 14:44
Oleksandr R. It is more that I enjoy the sound, (and creep out the neighbours) :) – Per Alexandersson May 8 '13 at 14:46

It shouldn't be too hard to do some simple sound processing. Take an example file:

data = ExampleData[{"Sound" , "Apollo13Problem"}]

simple sound

Get a short sequence of sample values from near the end of the file:

soundsamples = data[[1, 1]][[All, 110000 ;; -2000]];

It looks OK:



Play it without modifications:

ListPlay[soundsamples, SampleRate -> 11000]

the basic sound

Change the data:

ListPlay[BandpassFilter[soundsamples[[1]], {1, 2.5}], SampleRate -> 11000]
ListPlay[DerivativeFilter[soundsamples[[1]], {3}], SampleRate -> 11000]
ListPlay[GradientFilter[soundsamples[[1]], {1, .6}], SampleRate -> 11000]

three sound plots

Making it sound even worse shouldn't be too hard. It's making it sound better that's difficult... :)

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