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I've installed the package Singular.m by Kauers and Levandovskyy from as well as the Singular CAS itself. How, exactly does one get the package to communicate with the Singular system -- specifically to get results back from Singular to Mathematica?

In a terminal, I just type singular and that starts the system. So at the end of the package .m file I modified the final line so it now reads SingularCommand = "singular". Now after I load the package and evaluate one of the interface functions, such as one in the demo.nb notebook, I get an error: Singular::error : Unable to read Singular's output.

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I found the same issue and resolved it by changing the name of SingularCommand from just Singular to it's full path at line 245 of the Singular.m package. On my Mac, this was /usr/local/bin/Singular but your system may be different.

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That did it! Thanks, @Mark McClure – murray Mar 2 '12 at 1:36

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