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Sometimes I have a really huge expression that cannot be significantly simplified by FullSimplify. I would like to, so to speak, "simplify with faith" using heuristics applied by functions like PossibleZeroQ, FindSequenceFunction an so on. Is it possible to instruct FullSimplify to use non-rigorous methods like this?

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Sometimes I use the following:

  1 + Sqrt[2] Log[2] - Sqrt[3] Log[3] - Sqrt[5] Log[5] + 
  Sqrt[2 (9 + 4 Sqrt[2]) Log[2]^2 + 3 Log[3]^2 - 2 Log[2] (Sqrt[3] (4 + Sqrt[2]) Log[3] +
  4 Sqrt[5] Log[5]) + Log[5] (-Sqrt[10] Log[4] + 5 Log[5] + Sqrt[15] Log[9])] + Log[16], 
    TransformationFunctions -> {Automatic, 
      If[Not[AtomQ[#]] && NumericQ[#] && PossibleZeroQ[# - Round[#]], Round[#], #] &}]

It helps to get a conjectured simple representation of an expression, which then I can try to prove rigorously.

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