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I have a large array of real (positive and negative) numbers and I want to plot the histogram of it. I can use

Histogram[data, "Log", PlotRange->All]

but this gives me log scale only in X-axis. How would you get log scale on both axis for a histogram? I have heard that Mathematica 8 has added this feature, but I am using Mathematica 7 right now.

Moreover, say I just want Log scale on Y-axis. Is it possible too?


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Not quite sure if this also works in Mathematica 7 since I use version 8/9 but try the following:

Histogram[Range@100, {"Log", 10}, "LogCount"]

This results in


Related to this.

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With this code it gives me an error message: "Expected a list of tick specifications". Though I don't get this error message for smaller data sets! – dbm May 1 '13 at 2:52

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