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dollarWon := 100
"(" <> Style["$" <> ToString[dollarWon], If[dollarWon >= 0, Darker[Green], Red]] <> ")"

I am getting an error: String expected at position 2. Isn't it possible to use Style in the above expression?


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Style[..] is not a string. Convert it to string by using StandardForm format to preserve style information:

dollarWon := 100
"(" <> ToString[
    Style["$" <> ToString[dollarWon], 
    If[dollarWon >= 0, Darker[Green], Red]], StandardForm] <> ")" 
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I think you may be better of using Row in this case, which lets you show arbitrary objects in a row, like so:

dollarWon = 100
    "$" <> ToString[dollarWon], 
    If[dollarWon >= 0, Darker[Green], Red]
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