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This is similar to the closed topic: Frame ticks for a Log Log plot [closed]. Let me reuse (rm -rf)'s example here.

FrameTicks given through Show does not appear if used with LogLogPlot:

  LogLogPlot[x^2 + x^3, {x, 1, 100}, Frame -> True],
  FrameTicks -> {{All, None}, {{10, 30, 75}, None}}

This works though:

  LogLogPlot[x^2 + x^3, {x, 1, 100}, Frame -> True],
  FrameTicks -> {{All, None}, {{N@Log@#, #}& /@ {10, 30, 75}, None}}

Is this a bug or an expected behaviour?

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Great that your question gives a copiable solution to my problem... – Chromatic Nov 19 '15 at 18:58
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This is not a bug, but a difference in how the ticks are processed. When given as part of LogLogPlot, they are scaled before they are displayed. You can see this if you extract them from the Graphics object:

LogLogPlot[x^2 + x^3, {x, 1, 100}, Frame -> True, 
   FrameTicks -> {{All, None}, {{10, 30, 75}, None}}] /.
 Graphics[_, opts : OptionsPattern[]] :> (FrameTicks /. Flatten@{opts})[[2]]

which returns

{{{2.30259, 10}, {3.4012, 30}, {4.31749, 75}}, None}

which is the same as

{{N@Log[#], #} & /@ {10, 30, 75}, None}

Notice that each tick is specified as {value, label}, and it is needed to place the ticks correctly while labeling them correctly. Now, Show does not do the same processing because it knows nothing about how the plot was put together; all it knows about is the Graphics object, itself.

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Thank you very much. Now I understand Show more! – Taiki Apr 26 '13 at 14:15

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