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In an older version NoteBook, I was able to specify some options for TableForm, which enabled the printing of an expression in a simple fashion:


I used this:

optsinit1 := SetOptions[TableForm,
  TableHeadings -> {rowHeadings, columnHeadings},
  TableAlignments -> Left,
  TableSpacing -> 1]

where rowHeadings and columnHeadings were defined.

Before using TableForm I would evaluate optsinit1:



would print the array (MyExpression) with the headings defined by rowHeadings and columnHeadings.

In V9Ii have to issue


to get the previous behavior.

I prefer the old behavior. Any hints on how this is done?

Note that when I issue Options[TableForm] the return is

{TableAlignments -> Left, TableDepth -> \[Infinity], 
 TableDirections -> Column, 
 TableHeadings -> {rowHeadings, colHeadings}, TableSpacing -> 1}
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What version were you using that gave you the "correct" behavior? (Run SystemInformation["Small"], please.) – rcollyer Apr 24 '13 at 19:33
The version that 'worked' was 5.2. – user7068 Jun 8 '13 at 12:51

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