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I want to import sound from a file, record, and import sound.

  (*Audio Import Browse*)
  Audiopath1 = 
    FileNameJoin[{$UserDocumentsDirectory, "Audio.wav"}]}, 
  Column["Audio File (.wav) " 
    {Row[{InputField[Dynamic[Audiopath1], String, Enabled -> False], 
       FileNameSetter[Dynamic[Audiopath1], "Open", {".wav" -> {"*.wav"}}]}]}],
 (*Audio Record*)"Audio \Record", 
 Button["Record", Sound[SystemDialogInput["RecordSound"]]]]
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For import of sound files, try ?Import for exporting, try ?Export for recording, see this thread… – bill s Apr 23 '13 at 10:58
Do you mean "I want to import sound from a file, record, and export sound."? – m_goldberg Apr 23 '13 at 13:40
If I click browse button, It will Import sound from file. If I click a record button, It will record sound and show the waveform – Oropher Telemna Apr 24 '13 at 6:48

You have to use Method -> "Queued" to make the frontend to wait for the input from the sound recorder before finishing dynamic evaluation:

DynamicModule[{input = "ExampleData/rule30.wav", sound = ""},
    Row@{"Record: ", Button["Record", sound = SystemDialogInput@"RecordSound", 
       Method -> "Queued"], Button["Reset", sound = ""]},
    Row@{"Import: ",
            (input = #; If[(input =!= $Failed \[Or] input =!= $Canceled) && 
            FileExistsQ@input, sound = Import@input]) &], "Open",
            {".wav" -> {"*.wav"}, ".*" -> {"*.*"}}],
         InputField[Dynamic[input], String, Enabled -> False]},

Mathematica graphics

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