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I have a "GeoTIFF" format map, and I have imported it into Mathematica, then I used the Graphics to plot a point on the map. But I don't know how to plot the X_axle and Y_axle?

tif = Import["E:\\Yan.tif", "Graphics"];
Graphics[{First@tif, PointSize[0.05], 
  Point[{400, 250}, VertexColors -> Red]}]

And I tried the command

Import["E:\\Yan.tif", {"GeoTIFF", "SpatialRange"}]
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and I try the commangd Import["E:\\Yan.tif", {"GeoTIFF", "SpatialRange"}] {{{1.19133*10^7, 3.83883*10^6}, {1.19133*10^7, 3.83883*10^6}, {1.19133*10^7, 3.83883*10^6}}, {{1.10181*10^7, 3.27395*10^6}, {1.10181*10^7, 3.27395*10^6}, {1.10181*10^7, 3.27395*10^6}}} it is not longtitude and latitude,why? – Wo Xin Apr 22 '13 at 7:30

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Is this what you want?

tif = Import["untitled.tif", "Graphics"];

Graphics[{First@tif, PointSize[0.05], 
  Point[{400, 250}, VertexColors -> Red]}, Axes -> True];

enter image description here

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(Sorry I didn't have a map at hand) – Sosi Apr 22 '13 at 10:56
Thanks a lot for your answer! – Wo Xin May 17 '13 at 14:12

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