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One of the big things Wolfram touted about their new mathematica 9 was its ability to format units, and do calculations with them. I however can't seem to find out how to actually use them to convert. For example. I calculate an area in square angstroms, and I want to convert that quantity to square meters in this bit of code. I can't convert to square meters.

molesArgon = V/ (R*T) /. {V -> 25.6051, R ->  82.05746, T -> 273.15};
argonAtoms = molesArgon*6.022*10^23;
area = Quantity[3.14*(0.95)^2, "Square Angstroms"]
experimentalArea = (UnitConvert[area, 
    "\!\(\*SuperscriptBox[\(meters\), \(2\)]\)"]*argonAtoms)

gives this output

6.87936*10^20 UnitConvert[Quantity[2.83385, ("Angstroms")^2], 
"\!\(\*SuperscriptBox[\(meters\), \(2\)]\)"]

and an error

 "UnitConvert::unkunit: "Unable to interpret unit specification \!\(\*\"\\\"\!\(\*SuperscriptBox[\(meters\), \(2\)]\)\\\"\"\)""
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There's something messed-up in the meters squared string. If you simply write experimentalArea = UnitConvert[area, "Meters"^2]*argonAtoms everything seems to work OK. –  Sjoerd C. de Vries Apr 21 '13 at 19:01

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Why not use Square Meters just like you used Square Angstroms? e.g.:

UnitConvert[Quantity[2*^10, "Square Angstroms"], "Square Meters"]


1/5000000000 ((m)^2)
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