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I want to draw a Cuboid accroding to the coordinates of its geometric center and its dimensions, rather than its diagnoal coordiantes. And How can I draw a triangular prism?

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cuboid[center_, dim_ ] := Cuboid[center - dim/2, center + dim/2]

Graphics3D[cuboid[{6, 7, 8}, {1, 2, 3}], Axes -> True]

enter image description here

For the triangular prism see my answer here.


Please note that (by design)

cuboid[{c, c, c}, {xd, yd, zd}] == cuboid[ c, {xd, yd, zd}] 


cuboid[{cx, cy, cz}, {d, d, d}] == cuboid[ {cx, cy, cz}, d]

If you want

cuboid[ 1, 3 ]

to represent a cube of size 3 centered at {1, 1, 1}, you can modify the definition as follows:

cuboid[center_, dim_ ] := Cuboid[center - dim/2 + {0,0,0}, center + dim/2 + {0,0,0}]
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belisarius Thanks,Big favor! – novice Apr 8 '13 at 7:04
center + dim/2 + {0, 0, 0} ?? – andandandand Apr 14 at 17:26

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