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I have a command line that generates lists as output and is running in a loop, so generates, multiple long lists. Each list is to be exported as a .txt file. How can I automate the name generation of the output files. I intend to use the same name as the input file but with the .txt extension in output of course.

  i = 1,i < 3,i++,
  outdata = ReadList[ test[[i]], Record, RecordSeparators -> {{">"},{" "}} ];

How can I automate the export?

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Something like the following should do:

For[i = 1, i < 3, i++, 
  outdata = ReadList[test[[i]], Record, RecordSeparators -> {{">"}, {" "}}];
  Export[FileBaseName[test[[i]]] <> IntegerString[3, 10, i] <> ".txt", outdata,"List"]

FileBaseName strips the file name in test[[i]] from its extension (if it has any). IntegerString[3, 10, i] generates strings of the form "001", "002", "003" etc. and <> (StringJoin) glues the substrings together.

There is a number of output formats you could use in Export. I chose "List" but you may want to examine the BasicFormats guide page for more.

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Thank you, but i actually figured out another way! – Aparajita Lahree Mar 12 '13 at 12:45
For[i = 10, i < 20, i++,outdata =ReadList[test[[i]], Record, RecordSeparators -> {{">"}, {" "}}]; prin = "n" <> Riffle /@ (ToString /@ #) & /@ worklist[[i]] <> ".txt"; Export[prin, outdata]] – Aparajita Lahree Mar 12 '13 at 12:46

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