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How do I recreate this problem with this answer in mathematica? And similar problems?

I tried: (4 ab^3)/(a^2)/(8 a^2 b)/(b^2) but that outputs ab^3/(2 a^4 b^3)

EDIT: I added a space '(4 a b^3)/(a^2)/(8 a^2 b)/(b^2)' but it now outputs 1/2a^3

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You need to add a space between a and b in ab. Mathematica thinks you're referring to the multi-letter symbol ab rather than the expression a*b. Also, your parentheses are wrong and don't match the original formula. –  John Fultz Mar 11 '13 at 21:31
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You don't have a space between a and b in ab^3 so Mathematica thinks you have a variable called ab which you are trying to take the cube of rather than a*b^3 which is what you mean.

Also, you are missing some brackets

(4 a b^3)/(a^2)/((8 a^2 b)/(b^2))

will do the business for you

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Ah, this is it! Thanks! –  Jack Stewart Mar 11 '13 at 21:39
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