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Is it possible to easily modify a Manipulate such that the slider automagically skips certain values?

For example, say I am plotting an equation that's perfectly well behaved for all values of x between x=0 and x=1 except for x=0.25 where it blows up and causes Mathematica to emit many error messages. I could, of course, check for x=0.25 in the body of the Manipulate and then do something sensible but it would be nice if I could just say to Manipulate 'Avoid x=0.25.'

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It seems to me that this works:

Manipulate[1/(x - 0.25), {x, 0, 1, Exclusions -> {0.25}}]

(Exclusions is from Slider, I just tried it here and seems to do the job)

or slightly more clear:

Manipulate[1/(x - 0.25), {x, 0, 1, 0.25, Exclusions -> {0.25}}]
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What Manipulate uses as default control for numeric values is a Manipulator which also has the Exclusions option and is called exactly like a Slider... – Albert Retey Mar 12 '13 at 9:19

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