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If I have already created a graph using Graph. Later, I want to add to the graph some vertex and/or edge labels, how can I do that?

Thank you.

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A random graph without any labeling:

g = RandomGraph[{11, 21}]

enter image description here

You can use SetProperty to add labeling P.S.

SetProperty[g, {EdgeLabels -> {3 \[UndirectedEdge] 4 -> "COOL"}, 
  VertexLabels -> {1 -> "STUFF"}}]

enter image description here

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actually in version, it is not working SetProperty[g, {EdgeLabels -> {3 \[UndirectedEdge] 4 -> "COOL"}, VertexLabels -> {1 -> "STUFF"}}]. Looks like SetProperty can only set one property at a time. – Qiang Li Feb 21 '12 at 22:26

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