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RefProp by NIST is a program that calculates the thermodynamic properties of fluids. I need to call certain RefProp functions from inside Mathematica.

Can any one here, who has experience calling RefProp functions from Mathematica, tell me how to do this??

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I faced the same problem but I was told here that it was impossible.

So, looking for other alternatives I've found it! It's called CoolProp.

Given the source files and a Mathematica link file, you need to build a Mathematica-compatible CoolProp.dll yourself. Get them from GitHub

Now, I can use it with ease.

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Doesn't RefProp package come already with .dll file? I am working with another dll thermodynamic properties tables and I guess that if You know the structure of functions in Your dll file You can implement them in Mathematica simply using DefineDLLFunction. – Wojciech Jan 23 '14 at 11:03
You also need to first load .NET/Link using Needs["NETLink"]` to use dll files in Mathematica. – Wojciech Jan 23 '14 at 11:16

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