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If you assume the matrix $A$ is invertible, then $A^{-1} \cdot A = I$. Is there an assumption for invertibility in Mathematica 9? How can one make the following evaluate to the identity matrix $I_3$?

$Assumptions = {Element[A, Matrices[{3, 3}]]}
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Look at the Tensor* functions. Specifically, pass your result to TensorReduce or TensorExpand. – Mark McClure Feb 20 '13 at 14:54
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This gives what you want! Adding the axiom of matrix power $A^0=I$ to Simplify gives us

Assuming[Element[A, Matrices[{n, n}]] && Det[A] != 0,TensorExpand[Inverse[A].A]], 
ForAll[{A}, MatrixPower[A, 0] == IdentityMatrix[n]]]


Use n=3 to validate your case.

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