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This is a continuation of the previous post: How to enter textual subscripts and superscripts?.

When dealing with complex in-line math expressions inside a "Text" cell Mathematica by default formats them in TraditionalForm. Is it possible to force Mathematica to create in-line cells with the same style as the style of enclosing cell?

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Somewhat related question: Inconsistent display of TraditionalForm in version 9 – Jens Feb 10 '13 at 20:33
 Options[EvaluationNotebook[], CommonDefaultFormatTypes]
 {CommonDefaultFormatTypes -> {"Input" -> StandardForm, 
 "InputInline" -> StandardForm, "Output" -> StandardForm, 
 "OutputInline" -> StandardForm, "Text" -> TextForm, 
 "TextInline" -> TraditionalForm}}

So changing the setting for "TextInLine" to TextForm should give what you need:

 SetOptions[EvaluationNotebook[],  CommonDefaultFormatTypes -> {"TextInline" -> TextForm}]
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