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This is a basic question but I haven't found any answer yet :/

Available appearances for Button[] are mentioned in Help, those are "Palette", "FramedPalette", "DialogBox" and so on. But is this all? How could I get to know? For example there is also used in Help "NoOp" option in MouseAppearance[].

Are there any others in addition to those mentioned in Help.

Is there somewhere more info about styles but for different functions too?

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Dear reader, you may find the answer at the bottom interesting :) – Kuba May 9 '14 at 8:21
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This answer in not the answer you want.

There are almost certainly more options for a button's appearance than are documented in the Help Center. As far a I know there is no way to discover what appearance options apply to buttons. This seems to be a deliberate policy on the part of WRI.

I recently had a exchange of email with WRI tech suppor on a related matter, SetterBar. This was their position on that subject:

Many functions like SetterBar have optional arguments available which are not documented. Typically this is because the options are not ready to be exposed because we haven't been able to fully test them or because their behavior isn't fully ready yet. We don't provide any documentation on them because their behavior is not guaranteed and they may not be present in a future version of Mathematica. We do not actively prevent people from using these hidden options however if they find them useful.

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Information that there is no answer is also important :) It will save my time. Thanks. – Kuba Feb 2 '13 at 19:19

I decided to create a repository of usually undocumented lists (or just a links to similar topics) of available options:

Basic references:

Feel free to add a link if you know any other.

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