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I want Mathematica to periodically autosave my notebooks to the temp folder. And in case of front-end crash i want to see the dialog after restart with the following choices:

  • recover from autosaved drafts
  • discard drafts and open last manually saved versions
  • start a new session

Ideally i would like to make a fully automated solution that doesn't requre to execute any commands each time i open a new notebook.

Do you have any suggestions how to implement this functionality?

There is a hidden NotebookAutoSave option which saves notebook at every evaluation, but it has several disadvantages. It overwrites manually saved notebook and if i accidentally delete an important code (and evalute something) i'm unable to restore from the manually saved file. In OS X a built-in backup system can help, but when notebook is saved after each evaluation i get too many versions. There is also no possibility to distinguish manually saved version from all that autosaves in the Time Machine.

Another problem with NotebookAutoSave is that it is only triggered by the evaluation. It doesn't help when i write code, open built-in help and front-end crashes during help browsing process.

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