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I want to write a Package with a function in it. fun[]:= (DynamicModule[{},(a=10;a)]) . This works fine,but when i call it twice, they are related to each other. how do i localize the values?

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I recommend reading the help pages in the documentation center of Mathematica on DynamicModule. Let's consider the first example that is shown in the help and assign it to a function fun[]:

fun[]:= DynamicModule[{x}, {Slider[Dynamic[x]], Dynamic[x]}]

If you now call fun[] twice, the variable x will be local in each DynamicModule. The first Slider won't change the value of x in the second Slider. Your achieve a local variable by putting it into the curly brackets at the beginning of your DynamicModule (similarly to Module).

For your example, you have to put a into the curly brackets. Otherwise it will be globally accessible:

fun[]:= DynamicModule[

Now a is a local variable inside the DynamicModule assigned to fun[].

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