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I am running v9 on mac pro and think that I am doing something wrong.

When commenting the solution of a particular exercise I add a text cell (command 7) and type the comment which is nothing more than a sentence with some mathematical expressions (control ( - expression- control )).

To change the size and color of the whole comment, I simply highlight it and Format - Size or Color - to the desired size and color. The change does not apply to whole comment! Why? (I think that is due to the expressions).

For instance, if the comment is as follows

Here is an example, if $P = 1$ then the whole solution depends on the number of ...

the change applies up to $P = 1$. The rest of the sentence is unchanged.

Many thanks


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You're right - this looks like another bug in version 9. You could perhaps work around it by selecting the cell bracket before changing the format. But I agree that doesn't allow you to make arbitrary local changes. –  Jens Jan 12 '13 at 20:15
@Jens - Many many thanks. Selecting the cell works just fine but the arbitrary local changes do not. –  Ed Mendes Jan 13 '13 at 22:17
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