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Given a collection of scattered data points in 2D and associated function values,

data = RandomReal[1, {100, 3}];

we can get a piecewise linear interpolating function simply by calling Interpolation:

interp = Interpolation[data];
Plot3D[interp[x, y], {x, 0, 1}, {y, 0, 1}, PlotRange -> {0, 1}, 
 PlotPoints -> 50, ColorFunction -> "DarkRainbow"]

enter image description here

The result of Plot3D is essentially the same as calling ListPlot3D[data] directly. I imagine the piecewise linear elements are the Delaunay triangulation of the data points.

However, ListPlot3D also allows you to set InterpolationOrder -> 0 to get a plot that is piecewise constant over the Voronoi cells of the data points.

ListPlot3D[data, InterpolationOrder -> 0, PlotRange -> {0, 1}, 
 ColorFunction -> "DarkRainbow"]

enter image description here

I want to get the function corresponding to this plot, but Interpolation is of no help here:

Interpolation::udeg: Interpolation on unstructured grids is currently only supported for InterpolationOrder->1 or InterpolationOrder->All. Order will be reduced to 1.

Is there an easy way to get the result I want, that is, an interpolating function which is piecewise constant on the Voronoi cells of scattered data?

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I'm trying this – Dr. belisarius Dec 29 '12 at 15:45
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I think Nearest does it, but I'm having trouble getting a good plot.

data = RandomReal[1, {20, 3}];

func = Nearest[{#, #2} -> #3 & @@@ data];

Plot3D[func[{x, y}], {x, 0, 1}, {y, 0, 1}, PlotPoints -> 50, 
 ColorFunction -> (Hue@#3 &)]

Mathematica graphics

For comparison:

ListPlot3D[data, InterpolationOrder -> 0, PlotRange -> {0, 1}, 
 ColorFunction -> "DarkRainbow"]

Mathematica graphics

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Oh sweet, that was easy! I don't really need a plot, so this is good enough for me. – Rahul Dec 29 '12 at 16:10

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