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This is my code for making a label. I used a Button expression to build it. Is there a better way to make a label? My objection to doing it this way is that, when I set Enabled -> True, the button becomes clickable. For my application, I don't want anything clickable.

Button[StringJoin["Label", ToString[3]], Null, 
  Background -> Black, BaseStyle -> {White, 16, Bold}, Enabled -> False]
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Could you please make your question more understandable? It is very vague in its present form (there is practically an infinite number of ways to design a label.) and I don't have an idea about what you are actually asking. What exactly is a label in your terminology? What's wrong with Enabled? It is specifically there to allow interactive manipulation to be turned on/off for buttons and such. – István Zachar Dec 21 '12 at 16:41
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If I understand you, you just want something to draw on?

Try Panel

Panel["Label" <> ToString[3], Background -> Black, BaseStyle -> {White, 16, Bold}]

Mathematica graphics

Or Framed

 Framed["Label" <> ToString[3], Background->Black,BaseStyle->{White, 16, Bold}, 
  FrameStyle -> None]

Mathematica graphics

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