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I was looking for a Mathematica package that can take Lagrangians and calculate Feynman diagrams for any given n-point function. ( if a software can draw and calculate arbitrary loop corrections to the Fermion correlation function in a theory..)

Is FeynRules or FeynCalc capable of such?
If yes how? Which is easier to use?

If no, then are there other softwares?

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A very few Lagrangians are implemented in FeynCalc: And there is a function to get Feynman Rules:

I have personally never used the FeynRules package, but it looks quite nice to me, and certainly is more up to date than what I coded a long time ago in FeynCalc.

The standard for any more involved calculation in High Energy Physics seems to be FORM, described here.

Recently I helped writing a Link package from Mathematica to FORM, called FormLink/FeynCalcFormLink, described here and availabe from here

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