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String manipulation takes a dive when characters beyond \:FFFF are used e.g. Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols. The characters display fine but doing string manipulation is very unpredictable:

ToCharacterCode["𝕬"] (* Actually is \U0001d56c *)
(* {55349, 56684} *)
(* 2 *)

Compare with python

>>> len(u'𝕬') 

$CharacterEncoding = "Unicode" or $CharacterEncoding = "UTF8" does not help, is there some way to set string encoding properly?

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@WReach Thanks! Couldn't find them searching google and here. –  ssch Nov 23 '12 at 19:36
@WReach Would you be willing to write a summary answer here, unless a duplicate already exists on this site? –  Mr.Wizard May 23 at 12:39

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