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I was playing with a Manipulateto visually compare calculating the mean of Normal and Cauchy random data.

   Table[Mean@Take[#, i], {i, 1000}] &[
    RandomVariate[NormalDistribution[10, 1], 1000]],
   Table[Mean@Take[#, i], {i, 1000}] &[
    RandomVariate[CauchyDistribution[10, 1], 1000]]
  PlotRange -> Full,
  DataRange -> n,
  Frame -> True,
  Axes -> False
 {n, 50, 1000}

The result looks nice, but there is one problem. It regenerates the random data each time I move the slider for n. Is there some way I could set it up so that is only generates new random data when the Manipulate is first evaluated and when a button is pushed?

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DynamicModule[{randomNormal, randomCauchy, newRandomData}, 
  ListLinePlot[{Table[Mean@Take[#, i], {i, 1000}] &[randomNormal], 
    Table[Mean@Take[#, i], {i, 1000}] &[randomCauchy]}, 
   PlotRange -> Full, DataRange -> n, Frame -> True, 
   Axes -> False], {n, 50, 1000}, 
  Button["New random data", {randomNormal, randomCauchy} = newRandomData[]
 Initialization :> (
   newRandomData[] := 
    RandomVariate[#[10, 1], 1000] & /@ {NormalDistribution, CauchyDistribution};
   {randomNormal, randomCauchy} = newRandomData[];)
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