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I moved to another city and the weather sucks.

Sometimes I feel like getting sad and so I go to wolfram|alpha and check for example


enter image description here


Today I feel like getting depressed.

Consequently I wonder if there is a way to import all the data into Mathematica and write a function


which should evaluate to

$$ \frac{ \int_{\text{date 1}}^{\text{date 2}} \left(T_{\text{city 2}}(t)-T_{\text{city 1}}(t)\right) \text dt } { t_{\text{date 2}}-t_{\text{date 1}} },$$

$T_{\text{city X}}(t)$ being the temperature in $\text{city X}$ at time $t$.

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You've seen WeatherData[]? – J. M. Oct 12 '12 at 8:23
You can get the data out of Wolfram|Alpha pretty easily. Take a look at this article for an example: The data here is financial, but the process is the same. – Searke Oct 12 '12 at 14:41
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As suggested by @J.M. you don't need WolframAlpha. One way is to define :

temperatureComparison[{city1_, city2_}, {date1_, date2_}] := 
 Module[{data1, data2, int1, int2},
  data1 = {AbsoluteTime[#[[1]]], #[[2]]} & /@  WeatherData[city1, "MeanTemperature", {date1, date2, "Day"}] ;
  data2 = {AbsoluteTime[#[[1]]], #[[2]]} & /@ WeatherData[city2, "MeanTemperature", {date1, date2, "Day"}] ;
  int1 = Interpolation[data1];
  int2 = Interpolation[data2];
  {#, NIntegrate[
   int1[t] - int2[t], {t, AbsoluteTime[date1], 
    AbsoluteTime[#]}]/(AbsoluteTime[#] - AbsoluteTime[date1])} & /@    
     NestList[DatePlus[#, 1] &, DatePlus[date1, 1], Round@DateDifference[date1, date2] - 1]


which you can use as :

output = temperatureComparison[{"Rome", {"London", "GreaterLondon",  
     "UnitedKingdom"}}, {{2012, 1, 1}, Date[]}]


enter image description here

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