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I am trying to make a cookie cutter that will extract a small square from a much larger bitmap with a click of the mouse. The LocatorPane appears to be a useful way to move the cookie cutter around, but I'm not having much luck in drawing the small dynamic rectangle over the bitmap. I would like to change the appearance of the locator icon to a small rectangle, or just make the locator icon disappear. The LocatorPane option Appearance -> Graphics[Rectangle[]] didn't work. Beyond that there is the question of how to capture a point value with a mouse click. This is my first use of Dynamic. I suspect I am going about this all the wrong way and perhaps I should be doing something with mouse functions and cursor images. If so, I would appreciate it if someone would point me towards a pertinent page or two. I have not been able to find one.

This script draws the locator on a bitmap labeled "background":

background = Image[Graphics[{LightGray, Rectangle[]}]];
    {pt = {180, 180}},
     LocatorPane[Dynamic[pt], background]

But when I add code for the dynamic rectangle, I find that it draws outside the background bitmap.

{pt = {180, 180}},
  {LocatorPane[Dynamic[pt], background],


     {EdgeForm[{Thick, Red}],


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Combine the background and the Graphics with Show, so that you can supply both of them as the second argument to LocatorPane:

background = Image[Graphics[{LightGray, Rectangle[]}]];
DynamicModule[{pt1 = {180, 180}, pt2 = {20, 20}},
 LocatorPane[Dynamic[{pt1, pt2}],
   Graphics[{EdgeForm[{Thick, Red}],
     FaceForm[], Rectangle[Dynamic[pt1], Dynamic[pt2]]}]]
  , Appearance -> Graphics[Rectangle[], ImageSize -> {10, 10}]]]

enter image description here

Update After further clarification of the question:

background = Image[Graphics[{LightGray, Rectangle[]}]];
DynamicModule[{pt1 = {180, 170}, pt2 = {190, 180}}, 
   Graphics[{EdgeForm[{Thick, Red}], FaceForm[], 
     Dynamic[Rectangle[pt1 + {5, 5}, pt1 - {5, 5}]]}]], Appearance -> None]]
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