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I'd like to have first a function plot and then the same plot repeated inside a Manipulate, with additional things (like tangent planes etc.). I can do


and then


but there is one problem. I'd like to have the second plot semi-opaque, so that things are more visible.

My question is either (1) how to achieve this using my approach with plot=Plot3D[...], or (2) is there any better approach?

I've seen this question, but the first answer seemed too complicated (am I wrong?) and the second one didn't work for me...

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plot[opt : OptionsPattern[Plot]] := Plot[Sin@x, {x, 0, 2 Pi}, Filling -> Bottom, opt];

Mathematica graphics

  plot[FillingStyle -> {Opacity[0.1]}, PlotStyle -> Directive[Red, Opacity[.3]]],
  Plot[ a x, {x, 0, 6}]], 
{a, 0.1, 1/6}]

Mathematica graphics

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