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Possible Duplicate:
Is this the most efficient way to round approximate integers to integers while leaving other Reals untouched?

Please consider the following:

(*result: {Real,Real,Real}*)

How do I change the numbers in data into integers, so:

(*result: {Integer,Integer,Integer}*)


Also interesting could be to change "real" reals like {12.3,10.555} into integers by returning only the numbers before the decimal separator (*result: {12,10}*).

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Why not Round[data] and Floor[data] ? – b.gatessucks Sep 21 '12 at 13:48

Simply ...

dataConv = IntegerPart /@ data;
Head /@ dataConv

{Integer, Integer, Integer}

But beware of machine precision:

x = 6250*0.292



May be better to use Round as suggested.

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