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Possible Duplicate:
Way to improve “show me this decimal number to M places, don't use scientific notation”?

How can I expand e.g. number 1.*10^-8 so that there would be no exponents? It should look like 0.00000001.

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Representation of numbers of handled with NumberForm. Choice of exponent to display is determined by its ExponentFunction option. If you never want an exponent displayed, this option should be a function that always returns Null, i.e. (Null &):

NumberForm[1.*10^-8, ExponentFunction -> (Null &)]
(* 0.00000001 *)
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Thank you! I was thinking that NumberForm might be the answer but I did not know how exactly do it. – Teemu Sep 15 '12 at 7:55
What if you always want to show the exponent? I am having problems transforming some numbers so that they show the exponents instead of the full number as in your output :\ applying only NumberForm[300000000,2] doesn't help. – Sosi Dec 3 '15 at 17:23

In addition to NumberForm, AccountingForm may be a useful shorthand:



Negative numbers are displayed (by default) in parentheses:



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