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I found two bugs in Mathematica (10.3 and 10.1) and I need to report it. Is there any tools to do that or section on Wolfram website?

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email – rcollyer Feb 12 at 16:01
@rcollyer, thanks so much – Developer2000 Feb 12 at 16:13
Or fill out the online form – Bob Hanlon Feb 12 at 16:30
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You can contact Wolfram Tech Support through this form:

or by sending an email to


Please always report bugs you find to Wolfram Technical Support.

Some people will post bugs to this StackExchange site. Please do not do this. It is okay to ask about workarounds to bugs here, and it is also okay to ask if a particular behaviour is likely a bug. But do not use StackExchange for reporting bugs. does not belong to Wolfram research, and Wolfram may never find out about bugs reported only here. It is in all Mathematica users' interest to get bugs fixed. To ensure that this can happen, Wolfram should be notified directly about any bugs you find.

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