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I would like to typeset the following in a Mathematica notebook:

$$\langle P \rangle$$

Is it possible to typeset left and right angle brackets? In $\LaTeX$, they are given by \langle and \rangle. I do not see such symbols in the documentation, but I may be overlooking them.

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It's in the Writing Assistant - Typesetting palette. You can also use AngleBracket[...], or type esc < esc. – freddieknets Sep 12 '12 at 16:14
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From the listing of all named characters

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Mathematica provides angle-bracket symbols \[LeftAngleBracket] and \[RightAngleBracket], which act like other brackets.

You can easily input them using "Esc < Esc" and "Esc > Esc".

Mathematica will also parse $\langle a, b, c, ...,z\rangle$ as AngleBracket[a, b, ..., z], which is useful if you're generating a typeset expression.

For the particular usage of angle brackets in quantum mechanics, there are also the convenient input aliases "Esc bra Esc", "Esc ket Esc", and "Esc braket Esc" for Mathematica graphics, Mathematica graphics, and Mathematica graphics respectively.

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In the form of an operator:


outputs as $\langle P \rangle$, which, under the hood, is just:


See also:

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