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I know there is a Rectangle[] function, but it is always filled with some color. What I need is a rectangle, which is empty inside (only it's boundaries visible). I just need to overlay it on plotted function to indicate some of it's area.

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Did you try a Line yet? – Yves Klett Sep 11 '12 at 19:57
Was just about to start doing it, but now I see Sjoerd's answer is exactly what I need. – alex Sep 11 '12 at 20:17
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Use FaceForm[] to define the polygon's filling as empty. You set the polygon's outline color with EdgeForm[color]

Graphics[{EdgeForm[{Thick, Blue}], FaceForm[], Rectangle[]}]

or slightly more complex:

     EdgeForm[{Thick, Hue[Random[]]}], 
     Rectangle[#, # + {4, 4}]
   } & /@ RandomReal[{-10, 10}, {30, 2}]

Mathematica graphics

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Just for completeness, it is hardly difficult to do this manually:

box[{x_, y_}, {X_, Y_}] := 
  Line[{{x, y}, {x, Y}, {X, Y}, {X, y}, {x, y}}];

  {Red, Rectangle[{0, 0}, {1, 3}]},
  {Blue, Rectangle[{2, 1}, {4, 2}]},
  {Thick, box[{0, 0}, {1, 3}]}

Mathematica graphics

Manual control allows for customizations:

box2[{x_, y_}, {X_, Y_}] :=
  {Arrowheads[Sqrt[#2]/30`], Arrow@#} &,
  Partition[{{x, y}, {x, Y}, {X, Y}, {X, y}, {x, y}}, 2, 1]

  {Red, Rectangle[{0, 0}, {1, 3}]},
  {Blue, Rectangle[{2, 1}, {4, 2}]},
  {Thick, box2[{0, 0}, {1, 3}]}
 }, ImagePadding -> 10]

Mathematica graphics

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