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In an attempt to create a legend for a graph drawing, I find that Labeled only works without the position options (except for Center).

   Graph[Range[2], {
  Labeled[DirectedEdge[1, 2], "BEFORE"]}]

enter image description here


Graph[Range[2], {
  Labeled[DirectedEdge[1, 2], "BEFORE", Bottom]}]

enter image description here

Similarly for the other Labeled position options like Top, Left, Right.

Also, adding ImagePadding doens't help. I've tried some - but not all - Labeled's other options:

{Alignment -> {Center, Baseline}, Background -> None, 
 BaselinePosition -> Automatic, BaseStyle -> {}, 
 DefaultBaseStyle -> "Labeled", DefaultLabelStyle -> "LabeledLabel", 
 Editable -> Automatic, Frame -> None, FrameMargins -> 0, 
 FrameStyle -> Automatic, ImageMargins -> 0, ImageSize -> Automatic, 
 LabelStyle -> {}, RotateLabel -> False, RoundingRadius -> 0, 
 Selectable -> Automatic, Spacings -> Automatic, 
 SyntaxForm -> Automatic}

Known issue?

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I think that with Bottom the label falls below the plot area and thus does not show... try setting the option PlotRange to show a larger vertical area. – becko May 11 '13 at 3:32

I do not see any advantage of using Labeled vs intended for graphs EdgeLabels. Here is an aap to demonstrate arbitrary label placement:

Manipulate[Graph[{1 \[DirectedEdge] 2}, EdgeLabels -> {1 \[DirectedEdge] 2 -> 
  Placed[Style["OVERLAP", Red, 15], {a, p}]}, 
  PlotRange -> {{-.5, 1.5}, {-.15, .15}}, EdgeShapeFunction -> esf],
  {{esf, "Arrow", "Arrowheads"}, {"Line", "Arrow"}},
  {{p, {.5, .7}, "scaled position\nin the label"}, {-2, 0}, {3, 1.5}}, 
  {{a, .5, "scaled position of\nthe label along edge"}, 0, 1}]

enter image description here

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that's an option but my intention is to build legends for graphs, using Row, Column, Grid. In any case, something is broken in Labeled-Graph interaction. – alancalvitti Sep 7 '12 at 20:37
@alancalvitti Can you show how you intend to use Row, etc. for this? – Vitaliy Kaurov Sep 7 '12 at 20:48
for example: Column[{ Column[{"OVERLAP", Graph[{Style[DirectedEdge[1, 2], Red]}, ImageSize -> 150]}, Center, -0.5], Column[{"BEFORE", Graph[{Style[DirectedEdge[1, 2], Blue]}, ImageSize -> 150]}, Center, -0.5], Column[{"AFTER", Graph[{Style[DirectedEdge[1, 2], Green]}, ImageSize -> 150]}, Center, -0.5] }] – alancalvitti Sep 7 '12 at 20:51
I suppose all this can be done within Graph by specifying vertex positions, but I prefer not specifying all these small details. – alancalvitti Sep 7 '12 at 20:52
@VitaliyKaurov,+1 but cannot accept. The issue is the orthogonality of the language. Why don't all Labeled options work with Graph? – alancalvitti Sep 8 '12 at 18:08

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