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I have upgraded to 10.3 from Mathematica 9.0. However, in 9.0 things that ran well will not run in 10.3.

A typical example is:

Button["Import File", Import[SystemDialogInput["FileOpen", ".txt"], "List"]]

The code above runs in 9.0, but an error is generated in 10.3. I wonder whether in 10.3 the method used has changed which causes Mathematica to emit the error.

The error message is:

SystemDialogInput::nprmtv: SystemDialogInput is not currently supported within preemptive evaluations. >>

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As the answers given below point out, V10.3 is simply being smarter than V9. So it's not a bug, but an improvement. – m_goldberg Jan 6 at 5:44

The code above 9.0 is good

Unfortunately, this is not true. Even in version 9 this code was not good, but it just did not warn you about it. Take this simpler example, that only prints the file-name of the selected file and try it in version 9:

Button["Import File", Print[SystemDialogInput["FileOpen"]]]

If you try the button and select a file quickly, then it will print the file-name. If you need more than some seconds to select the file, it doesn't print the file-name. The reason is that preemtive evaluations have a timeout to not block the user interface.

Therefore, if you have a button with an action that takes longer, you need to use the option


even in version 9. In version 10.3, Mathematica just doesn't allows for this error and warns you.

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Add Method -> "Queued"

Button["Import File", Import[SystemDialogInput["FileOpen", ".txt"], "List"], 
 Method -> "Queued"]

From IntroductionToControlObjects

So if you have an evaluation that you expect will take more than a couple of seconds to evaluate, you should use Method->"Queued". Clicking such a button will use the main link when evaluating its function, and that evaluation will be queued along with evaluations queued using Shift+Enter.

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