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I have build this simple module trying to construct a matrix via Table

ImagePoint[\[Sigma]_] :=
  A = Table[i^2 + \[Sigma], {i, 10}];

In[74]:= B = ImagePoint[0.67]
In[76]:= B
In[75]:= ?B

Doing the same but outside the module works fine:

In[78]:= DD = Table[i^2 + 0.67, {i, 10}];
In[65]:= ?DD

Can someone explain the difference and what am I doing wrong?

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As you have ended the last (and only) statement in your Module with a semicolon it is not producing any output. A semicolon is used for CompoundExpression in MMa and will return Null. To achieve what you wanted define your Module like this:

imagePoint[sigma_] := Module[{}, Table[i^2 + sigma, {i, 10}]]

or as you don't need local variables

imagePoint2[sigma_] := Table[i^2 + sigma, {i, 10}]
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You're assigning a value to A, which is a local variable inside your module and cannot be seen outside. Also, because you're ending this expression with a semicolon, the value is not returned. Change your function to be either:

ImagePoint[σ_] := Module[{}, Table[i^2 + σ, {i, 10}]]

or use an explicit return:

ImagePoint[σ_] := Module[{A}, A = Table[i^2 + σ, {i, 10}]; Return[A];]

or at least:

ImagePoint[σ_] := Module[{A}, A = Table[i^2 + σ, {i, 10}]]

(where the assignement to A is useless, really, but doesn't hurt either).

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This tutorial Sequences of Operations will help you to understand your mistakes. Proper ways to set up your function:

ImagePoint[s_] := Table[i^2 + s, {i, 10}]

If you have to use Module due some reason make sure it returns something - so remove semicolon. And there is no reason to introduce a dummy local variable A inside Module if you are not planning to use it.

ImagePoint[s_] := Module[{}, Table[i^2 + s, {i, 10}]]

It will work now:

B = ImagePoint[.6]

{1.6, 4.6, 9.6, 16.6, 25.6, 36.6, 49.6, 64.6, 81.6, 100.6}


enter image description here

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thank you all for the help –  Doron Sep 2 '12 at 9:55

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